"Occupy the USA"--New Song!

October 08, 2011 02:45.31 PM

Check out FightBack Radio to hear our new song and an interview on the Occupation 2011/Occupy DC and Stop the Keystone XL Pipeline demos that we sang at this week.

Video of us singing the song at the Stop the Keystone XL Pipeline demo.

Lyrics and chords to "Occupy the USA" are below. Sing it at your occupation!

And check out these sneak preview songs "Stand Together" and "Rise" from our upcoming release Revolutions Per Minute" (Nov. 2011)!

Occupy the USA
(c) 2011 Pat Humphries, Sandy O
Written Oct 6, 2011; Recorded Oct 20, 2011
Moving Forward Music, BMI
(We sing this in Ab. Pat plays G shapes with a capo on the first fret)

C - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -G
Welcome to the US Occupation
- - D
To win the hearts and minds
- - G
Defend all humankind
- - - - - - C - - - - - - - - - - - - G
Tell the banks and the corporations
- - - - - - - - - D - - - - - - - - G
We're here to occupy the USA

G- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - D
Congress and the hedge funds stole our houses and our pensions
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - G
Conspired to steal our healthcare at Conservative conventions
- - - - C - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - G - - - - - - - - - - Em
We're here to stand our ground we demand our jobs with justice
- - - - A
We're 99% in charge
- - - D
Now you'll just have to trust us

Stop the XL pipeline in its tracks across the Heartland
Reject the filthy energy extracted from the tar sands
Clinton and TransCanada exposed before the nation
Corruption forces us to organize
A new invasion


This occupation won't be won with guns or ammunition
Armed with creativity and righteous indignation
We do all the work so we have the power to stop it
No workers, no work
Not until we share the profit


We support our unions and our right to organize
Students, homeless, immigrants are strengthening their ties
We have struggled far too long now let this be a sign
1% in power
Meet the other 99!

Welcome to the US occupation
To win the hearts and minds
Defend all humankind
Tell the banks and the corporations
We're here to occupy the USA
Democratize the USA
We're here to occupy the USA!


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Sandy O

Thanks, all! Stay tuned for a download of the newly recorded "Occupy the USA!"


Tanto tiempo! Nice to see you working at it and writing the songs that need to be written. Be well, Pat. Dorothy Potter

Mary Francis

Drat! I was planning to be there in DC, but now am waiting on a biopsy (doc says it's probably not cancer.) I totally admire your new song, Occupy the USA! Do you have a gig in Tulsa on the 13th? I can arrange a gig in Norman on 13 or 15. Blue Door is set for the 14th. Cheers! MaryFrancis 405 474-0695

Sandy O

hi, dorothy. thanks for writing and glad you liked the song! hi, mary francis. we're looking forward to the 14th at the blue door. will email or call re other dates. peace, sandy

Jeff Boudreau

That's one we certainly will not be hearing on National Propaganda Radio stations!


Great song! You always hit it right on the head with the truth!! Keep up the awesome song writing!!

mary merryman

Great music! Thanks for being at the demonstration while I was at work. Thanks for your new music and o-so-vital inspiration. I look forward to getting copies of the new CD, and let me know when you're in CA.

Jeannie Holton

I can hardly wait to receive the new CD and to hear you in action in St. Petersburg in December! We only wish we had you down here now for our own "Occupy Tampa" gathering that is growing. Thank you for give this movement a voice! I should have known you would be there- with a song! Our Community Radio listeners will be so excited to hear you on our airwaves. Be safe! Jeannie Holton, WMNF Radio Sat. Folk Show www.wmnf.org


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Fred Cremer, advisor, club mentor, and lifetime member (now deceased) had stationary from the previous club, and being a poor new club, it was decided to take on the name since we wouldn't need to buy new stationary for at least a year or two. That not a knock on the protest movement-obviously they have concerns about the risk of pipeline safety and spills as well-but it makes the Keystone decision less a climate victory than a victory for traditional environmental politics, as I wrote earlier.. [url=http://investmentspedia.com/cp/]Windows 7 Home Basic SP1 product key [/url] What those low numbers reflect is a declining population, de-leveraging that was inevitable, deflation (which benefits savers and consumers), a failure to debase the value of the yen (which also benefits savers and consumers), and increased productivity. It all depends on your skin tone, hair, and other physical features. [url=http://www.webmasters.alabama-gwrra.org/cp/]Buy Windows 7 Professional SP1 key[/url] Hearts On Fire came up with their name right after being inspired by the natural phenomenon of sunshine which forms when light shines through a round, brilliant gemstone, creating a perfect band of eight kisses when viewed in the bottom. That's even grander, right? Look at that. [url=http://stehliks.com/]product key finder windows 7[/url] Check out the photo above of our trip to Monster Jam in 2011, where we met superstar driver Tom Meents. [url=http://www.alqasimitrading.com/cp/]Windows 7 Enterprise product key sale[/url] Have you ever seen that movie Kate and Leopold? In it, the brother tells Leopold to wait to turn the dishwasher on until the girl (Kate) could see it. If it contains any of the following, chuck it: aspartame (Nutrasweet), sucralose (Splenda), Saccharin (Sweet These are all artificial sweeteners made in a lab. [url=http://stolensoap.com]upgrade key for windows 7[/url] Sisters Elizabeth and Ann Stetson were the granddaughters of the founder of the Stetson hat company.


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