roots, rock, & revolution

"If I were organizing a mass march, I would keep playing 'bound for freedom', and more and more people would be inspired to join... come to think of it - let's start!" ~WICB, Ithaca, NY

4 - where are you now

©2005 Sandy O, Pat Humphries
Moving Forward Music, BMI

Where are you now?
Where did you stay?
Do you have food?
Are you okay?
Where did you sleep?
Are you in peace?
Where are you now?

I held your hand
Firmly in mine
Watched up ahead
Pulled you behind
Then the tide surged
I couldn't hold on
My love couldn't hold back
A current so strong

I caught a glimpse
I thought it was you
Then the crowd rushed
The Guardsmen pushed through
Where are you bound?
How will I know?
When will we meet?
Where did you go?

What will be left
Of the lives we had made?
When the storm breaks
And the winds fade
Will we find hope
Will we find greed
When the skies clear
And the waters recede