Revolution Now

3 - Into Your Heart

© 2016 Pat Humphries / Emma’s Revolution
Moving Forward Music, BMI

Whenever we’d cross paths
In the space when we’re apart
The chance as you passed by
To smile and catch your eye
Impressions on my heart

We lived for many years
with miles between our shores
Each time we would meet
I’d strain to find my feet
Impressions on my heart

I never looked for you
Yet you were there for me
busy and scared to be
falling in love
And when I needed you
you would be calling me
sweetly across the sea
into your heart

You wrote a silly song
intent to win my praise
though it was absurd
I soaked up every word
Impressions on my heart

And so the years would pass
We’d meet and meet again
As I watched you leave
and felt my spirit grieve
impressions on my heart

I never wanted more
my loneliness aside
You revealed in me
a side I couldn’t see
Impressions on my heart

The “me” I’ve come to know
you meet in countless ways
Love is guiding me
fearlessly and free
Impressions on my heart