Revolution Now

5 - Sing People Sing

"Sing People Sing"
©2014 Pat Humphries & Sandy O
Moving Forward Music/ BMI

When I was 4 I had a toy
made of plastic and of joy
a magic, musical machine
from a drum, a stick and strings

I couldn't know as I would play
I'd live to meet the man one day
playing songs that shaped my life
and taught the world to sing

Oh, hear the banjo ring
Hear the people sing
Hope changes everything
Sing people sing

The summer of my 18th year
In San Francisco he'd appear
I jumped onto a trolley car
alone and wondering

The "grove" was full when I got there
People came from everywhere
I climbed a redwood by the stage
to watch the reveling


Years went by I got a call
A festival in early Fall
Along the Hudson River shore
A harvest gathering

Asking me to volunteer
to keep the river clean and clear
to celebrate the river's life
and all the gifts she brings

You stood up to McCarthy's rage
Rallied for a living wage
Rode with Woody, marched with Dr. King

You patiently brought us along
taught us each and every song
with Toshi by your side
you could do most anything

You showed us how the world could be
Living with integrity
Together we create a force
beyond imagining

As I observed your dimming light
I felt a spark in me ignite
But I would trade it all today
To hear your banjo ring