Revolution Now

14 - Love Reaches Out

©2014 Pat Humphries, Sandy O
Moving Forward Music, BMI

With a mind that holds a plan
With a hand that holds a key
With a heart that holds a dream
Love reaches out

When a family's torn apart
When the street is all you have
When your faith begins to break
Love reaches out

Love reaches out, love reaches out
Here by your side, bringing you home
Love reaches out

Through the pain your eyes have seen
Through the voices in your head
Through the war you still endure
Love reaches out

To the man who asks for change
To the mother and the child
To the elder all alone
Love reaches out


Let us take this night to strengthen and inspire
Let love and compassion be the source that fuels the fire

If you find yourself in need
If you fear what lies ahead
If we forge a path of trust
Love reaches out

Where hope replaces hate
Where wounds begin to heal
Where we all will have a home
Love reaches out