Revolution Now

12 - Jupiter

©2011 Sandy O & Pat Humphries/Emma’s Revolution
Moving Forward Music BMI

Your ego's big as Jupiter
Can't fit you in the car
You're just a big old planet
But you think that you're a star
You're far away as Pluto
And just about as cold
I used to like the challenge
But now it’s getting old

Somewhere in the darkest night
The planets align
Free of all this gravity
Baby, you really shine

You're charming just like Venus,
But Saturn rules your heart
You think those rings protect you
But they just keep us apart
You act like I'm a stranger
Whenever you're in town
You're off on your own orbit
Spinning round and round

I know you crave the moonlight
You know I love the sun
Can we both be together
Without eclipsing either one?

I guess you're on your somewhere out there
But just for what it's worth
You know I really loved you
When you were down to Earth
You slipped away like Mercury
And left without a trace
I hope you find what's in you
There in outer space