Revolution Now

1 - Fire In Ferguson

©2015 Pat Humphries & Sandy Opatow
Moving Forward Music/ BMI

My parents always told me work hard and stay in school.
Trust the church and leaders of our town.
But now that I am older,
the violence that I see,
the trust I had is slowly breaking down

There’s a fire in Ferguson tonight
It’s not the kind of fire you see
It burns in everyone who seeks
justice, truth and dignity.

I raised my child on food stamps, worked and went to school
graduated proud of my degree
in the news another killing a young black life cut short
police have turned their guns on you and me.

I never learned to protest. I kept my own house clean.
Did what was expected and
I prayed
I prayed for equal treatment,
for opportunity
I will not give my own child’s life in trade

Bridge: There’s a fire tonight all around the world
There’s a fire tonight for Michael Brown
There’s a fire tonight our voices will be heard
We won’t let you cut our children down

Trayvon Martin, Sandra Bland
Tanisha Anderson, Eric Garner
Gabriela Nevarez, Walter Scott
Tamar Rice, Aura Rosser
Kisha Michael, Freddie Gray
Philander Castile, Marquintan Sandlin
Rekia Boyd, Alton Sterling
Natasha McKenna, Janisha Fonville
Dontre Hamilton, Aiyana Stanley-Jones
Sean Bell, John Crawford III
Mya Hall, Amadou Diallo
Meagan Hockaday, Alexia Christian
Ezell Ford, Kayla Moore
Akai Gurley, Dante Parker
Shelly Frey, Rumain Brisbon
Michelle Cusseaux, Miriam Carey
Jerome Reid, Alberta Spruil
Phillip White, Tony Robinson
Alexia Christian, Eric Harris
and on and on and on

Sparks amidst the embers, slowly beaten down.
Lives extinguished long before they age.
Cries of desperation on ears that will not hear,
made vivid in the swirling light of rage.